The All-in-one Platform to Securely Manage and Trade Cryptocurrencies

What is platform

MetaMorph is a decentralized all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that makes it easy, fast and inexpensive to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform consists of several services that empower its users:


Keep an overview of your assets by connecting MetaMask to the MetaMorph platform. We do not keep any personal information and the movements and price fluctuations are retrieved directly from the blockchain as you log in.


The trading section is built on top of the 0x Protocol and allows for users to easily execute trades at very low costs. All order-books are handled off-chain which reduces congestion on the blockchain and reduces the gas fees associated with trading. Only the settlements themselves are executed on-chain and requires a gas fee. The 0x Protocol connects an array of Relayers together and provides liquidity by connecting the order books of many decentralized exchanges.


The exchange section utilizes Atomic Swapping to perform fast swaps (or morphs) of one cryptocurrency into another. This method is ideal for those who do not wish to deal with the hassle of traditional trading. An atomic swap uses hash-time logged contracts which means that if the transaction is confirmed by either party within the set time-limit, the exchange is not executed. This creates an entirely trustless environment without the need for counterparty risks.


For any investor and user of cryptocurrencies, it is important to keep track of your assets. Our report functionality allows you to export transactions and your current holdings to a variety of formats and to analyze and share them as you please. Our report section offers great versatility and overview, but we understand if you wish to look at the data in excel or in another format.

Address book

One of the main obstacles that users currently face when they interact with cryptocurrency and blockchains is the apprehension and the confusion that surrounds the Ethereum wallet addresses. For the worldwide web to become what it is today, a user-friendly interface was needed. Users would never feel comfortable having to enter IP addresses to navigate the web. We hope that our address book functionality will simplify matters when sending to and from addresses and speed up adoption of cryptocurrency

Secure and innovative

The MetaMorph platform is decentralized at its core and only operates on secure connections to and from the blockchain. The platform follows current and up-and-coming standards and resources have been allocated for security research and development as an on-going effort to stay ahead of the curve and to stay up to date with new improvements within the field.

Why is decentralization important?

In order for a truly decentralized economy to emerge, the on/off ramps also need to be decentralized. Centralized exchanges suffer from a variety of weaknesses which has been made apparent in recent years with the millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency gone lost due to malicious intent from hackers.

On any centralized exchanges, a user’s funds are never truly his or hers, as the private keys are managed by the exchange. In times of congestion or price rallies, users also often experience that certain cryptocurrencies are unavailable or that the wallet is down for maintenance, leading many to believe that the exchanges do this deliberately to ensure liquidity.

Another downfall is the extra steps that users need to take to be able to exchange one cryptocurrency for another as not all pairs will be offered on every exchange. Users often have to move funds from one exchange to another and manage and secure multiple accounts to be able to obtain the cryptocurrencies they wish. Using the MetaMorph platform, users simply connect through their MetaMask wallet and they are ready to start trading. 


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