The All-in-one Decentralized Platform to Secure, Manage and Trade Tokens.

Are you ready to morph? Perform wallet to wallet trades, no custodianship, no signups, no compromises with low fees.

Swap coins with a simple “Morph”

The Metamorph platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that interact with the blockchain and manages orders off-chain to reduce fees. It has never been easier to switch one cryptocurrency out for another. The coin switching which we call “Morph” combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Metamorph is the first of its kind; a platform that enables anyone to easily store and exchange coins securely through their own wallet, never having to expose private keys. Metamorph also offers up to date portfolio charts, reports, an address book and many other features that aim to empower users to interact with their assets.


Keeping track of your assets can be tedious task. The Metamorph platform offers great versatility when it comes to cryptocurrency portfolio management. Stay ahead of the curve and keep a full overview of your cryptocurrencies by just connecting your wallet through MetaMask.


Simply connect and synchronize your wallet to the Metamorph platform through MetaMask and you are ready to start trading and morphing! It has never been easier or more secure to trade and manage your cryptocurrencies. Ledger support and other connections are underway and will be available soon. It is our mission to make cryptocurrency trading secure, fast and accessible. With Metamorph you are in full control of your assets through full ownership of your private keys.


It’s morphing time! The Metamorph platform allows for quick exchanges between dozens of cryptocurrencies, making adoption and barriers of entry to other communities a thing of the past. Are you tired of using 10 different centralized exchanges to be able to invest in the coins you want? Simply connect your wallet to the Metamorph platform through MetaMask and you are able to exchange within seconds!


The Metamorph platform is built using the 0x Protocol which has enabled us to build a truly decentralized platform with heighten security measurements and low costs. The 0x protocol manages orders off-chain, which means that fees only occur when a trade is executed on-chain. Decentralized exchange traditionally tend to suffer from high gas costs as any interaction (submitting, executing, cancelling orders etc.) requires a fee. This is a thing of the past with the Metamorph platform by using the 0x Protocol and relayers to manage orders.


Keep track of everything on the Metamorph platform using the customized report section. Analyze your recent trades and morphs in detail or export them to pdf, excel or text format to manage outside the platform. We want to make it as easy for you as possible, but if you prefer another way, we totally understand.

We Support Many Tokens

What separates MetaMorph Pro from other exchanges?

At MetaMorph we are passionate about creating decentralized solutions for the coming decentralized economy. Our platform offers Social Trading for easy and fast peer-to-peer exchange of coins (or morphs as we call them) and a decentralized trading solution that operates on the 0x Protocol, allowing for order books to be connected through Relayers and opening up the doors to increased liquidity, less congestion on the blockchain and lower fees.

Simply connect to the MetaMorph platform using the MetaMask plugin and you are ready to trade and exchange.

  • MetaMorph is more than just an Exchange!

    Metamorph is the all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency. It has never been easier to swap (or morph as we call it) one coin for another. The platform connects the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

  • Why use MetaMorph?

    The exchange section provides users with the best current exchange rates with low spreads. All fees are displayed before an exchange is executed and the platform is ideal for both the seasoned and the novice trader, as it enables anyone to exchange one coin for another without having to transfer back and forth between exchanges and keeping track of multiple accounts.


Q2 2018

METM Token & MetaMorph Pro 1.0

Q4 2018

V1 Beta

Q2 2019

Token Creation Platform 1.0

Q4 2019

Strategic Marketing + Partnerships

Q3 2018

MetaMorph Live + Accept Token Listings.

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Q3 2019

MetaMorph Pro V2 + Social Trading


HoloChain Backend Integration

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